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Gilat is one of our most valued customers. We have been working; with Gilat for many years and performed many world wide antenna installations for them. Among other projects, we also installed and maintain the antennas operating in their facility in Israel. View Pictures

RR sat

Installation of two 10 meter Andrew and one 5.5 meter SA at the Teleport in Reem. Refurbishment (Replacing motors and tracking system) of the 32 meter antenna at the old Bezeq site in Emek Haela. No Pictures

Gilat Satcom

Installation of an 11 meter RSI antenna Seven 4.6, Three 3.7 Andrew & one 4.8 Vertex antennas on the roof of their building In addition three 3.7 and two 4.6 Andrew Antennas in the U.K. No Pictures


Installation of an 11 meter Vertex, a 7.6 Andrew and a 5 meter RSI on the roof of their building in Jerusalem. View Pictures


Dismantling and packing an 18 meter and an 11 meter antenna. View Pictures


Installation of Two 7.6 Two 7.3 four 5.5 Two 7.7 and one 9.3 antennas All located in the teleport at Neve Ilan. In addition installation of four 5.5, Two 7.7 antennas in different locations. View Pictures