Meltzer Communications turnkey solution offers customers the opportunity for the installation of a complete Earth Station project wherever it is required. We have installed Earth Stations in the U.S.A, Europe, Africa, Japan, Asia, the Middle East, Australia and various other countries around the world.

Meltzer's project installation usually includes:
Antennas and De-ice Systems (in all sizes)
Tracking Systems
SSPA's and TWT's (Indoor or Outdoor)
Up and Down Converters
Modems, IRD, Multiplexers, DVB's and other peripheral equipment
LNA's and LNB's and other L-Band or IF equipment

Meltzer's engineers will, upon customer's request, provide on-site inspection of civil works as part of the installation.
The installation process will also include antenna commission, testing with the satellite provider and final ATP tests of the complete system.